SureWallet Features

Explore the SureWallet's super functions and outstanding features.

Integrated Blockchains And Basic Functions

Bitcoin,Tron, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchains will be fully integrated and operational on the SureWallet app. User friendly interface with easy to spot functions all on display. Users can send, receive,store and manage crypto assets with unrivaled efficiency.


An instant Swap for Binance Smart Chain, Tron and Ethereum Blockchain Coins and Tokens will be available for users to easily swap/exchange ERC20,TRC20,BEP20 tokens using the SureWallet


SureWallet Dapp will be integrated with tools to enable users view,operate and use Dapps on the Binance Smart Chain, Tron and Ethereum Blockchain with full functionalities and flexibility.



SureWallet is Equipped with matchless security features. Some of which are Pin and biometric confirmation for transactions, 6 digit PIN and 2FA security. Making Sure your assets are safe while offering you the best experience on SureWallet.

Multi-Address Features

SureWallet is also built with Multi address features enabling users to own, manage and operate unlimited number of wallet addresses using SureWallet multi address tools. Keeping them separate but yet fully secure and accounted for.

Market/Crypto Asset Price Chart

SureWallet is integrated with real time price charts to sync the prices of every listed crypto asset on the users portfolio and also a dedicated page for users to view current and updated prices of various crypto currencies across various blockchains on SureWallet.


User Profile

Users can create unique profiles on SureWallet, link their emails, add names/nicknames for recognition, add photos and avatars to identify and differentiate between wallet addresses. Users can save or store important transactions on their profile for reference and other uses. All these are available through the SureWallet user profile feature.


SureWallet is built with it's own blog and news section. Users can get, view and read leading crypto news and updates exclusively on the SureWallet. The SureBlog is courtesy of the Sure Team, completely independent and gives top information on what's happening in the crypto world coupled with updates on the SureCrypto Ecosystem.

Notification Box

SureWallet comes with it's personalized notification box. The notification box alerts users of out-going,in-coming, pending and unconfirmed transactions, saved addresses, updates on the wallet and latest news, new features and many more. The notification box keeps you updated on your wallet 24/7.


Saved Address Feature

The saved address feature helps users to save wallet addresses of family, friends, co-workers and crypto buddies to enable them transfer Crypto without having to ask for and copy their wallet addresses all the time. These addresses can be saved with Names/Nicknames, photos/avatars, and email addresses.

More Information

SureWallet functions and features will be updated and enhanced using more advanced asset management protocols. More and more blockchains will be added to the SureWallet to better enhance functionalities, usage and adoption by crypto users. for.


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